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Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus ERASMUS+ PIC code 947807856

Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus NGO (Nooruse Maja) is an umbrella of organisations for local culture and non-formal education. The NGO has been established in 1998 and currently, on its board, has 7 organisations and 1 member of honour. For today, about a thousand people have gathered under the roof of Nooruse Maja; persons from different organizations, clubs, NGOs and associations that have spent their free time to educate themselves and live a "club life".

Training institution Pärnu Rahvaülikool was founded in 2004 by the organisation of Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus. It deals with non-formal education for both young people and adults. We offer a range of self-development, business, information technology and language courses. Nowadays, lifelong learning has became popular because of the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge and raise competency through the learning, change the habits of behavior and become more competent for the labor market.

We have 4 full time employees, from 10 to 15 teachers and several local volunteers. For years, we have been cooperating with the youth workers of Pärnu County and the city, offering them opportunities to take part in training courses in Estonia and abroad.  

Inside our organisation, we act as an unique subject with different activities, so that it's difficult to separate projects and their responsibility under the common horizon of Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus. Usually, even the communication and dissemination is shared and common: there's a website and a social media platform that makes our services modern and attractive. For the consumers or clients, the important thing is that they can find activities suitable for them, never caring the organisation behind these activities.

Our organization has long time experience with the management of different type of projects, events, trainings, festivals. Particularly in lifelong learning and non-formal education, since they became popular in our country and more people are interested on them.

Nooruse Maja has participated as a partner in many international projects, like Handiscola – Handicraft is common language; FinEstDen – computer skills project; MemTra – recording different memories and traditions; TraVel AGEnts- Organise 10 test-travel cultural exchange elderly-friendly low-cost programs one in each participating country;  Who goes on scene?- The project aims to select the best scripts for the creation of a short film; The Art of Intercultural Dialogue – the young artist campus in Europe and in Africa; MATES- Mainstreaming Intergenerational Solidarity; EMIL- European Map of Intergenerational Learning; the elderly people volunteer work exchange program; EVS- the young people volunteering work program. 2018 we organized TC Others are Us. Also we start 2 strategic partnership projects - Entrepreneurship 4 Youth and for adult education Digital Skills 4 all. 

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