Youth Exchanges for Newcomers


Contact-making event for people who are relatively new in the Erasmus+ programme and want to discover Youth Exchanges

„Youth Exchanges for Newcomers “

 15th-22nd of August 2016. Pärnu Estonia


 About project

As the project title is telling, this is NOT a project for people who already have a lot of experience in Erasmus+, but it is a project for people who would like to get involved more actively as group leaders, designers and coordinators of youth exchanges, but so far did not have the right moment for it. So, now is the time for YOU!!!! 

We came up with this project idea, because we remembered how it was when we started getting involved in  international events…from our experience we can tell with absolute honestly that in the beginning we had no idea how it all works, but we just knew that we liked it so much, that we wanted to experience it again and again… 

It is surely not easy at all to do Erasmus+ projects. Although they are meant for young people, the structure and criteria are so complicated, that it often takes many years to understand it and be able to develop good quality projects that the NAs would grant. 

With this contact-making event we want to make it easier for young youth leaders that are just getting active in youth work (or want to become active) to discover “the magic” of developing and implementing international youth exchanges within Erasmus+ programme. 

We want to provide them with all necessary knowledge, tips and skills on how to develop and implement youth exchanges, so, that as a result of this project they could come “home” with concrete project ideas that could be submitted and implemented.  

Main idea: to involve newcomers in the „world of youth exchanges“!!!

What will be happening at the project?!    

- Nice activities to get to know each other closer so that participants have a chance to know better with whom they feel closer and more comfortable to make youth exchanges together

- “Seeing the bigger picture” on how non-formal learning works and why it is so crucial for young peoples’ personal and social development (what competences it develops in young people and how does it make them more active in society…)

- Discovering better the complexities of E+ youth exchanges: from theory to practice (how to “write” a good project so that it gets approved, but how to make also sure that you implement it well - many real life examples) 

- Explaining the role division in youth exchanges and encouraging participants to take responsibility of being project coordinators and group leaders (it is not THAT complicated as it sounds in the beginning…)

- Space and time to work on concrete youth exchange ideas that could be applied for the nearest deadlines to E+ programme and implemented (recommendations from experts and peers)


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