The Rise and Fall of Trenches



Programme: Europe for Citizens 

"The Rise and Fall of Trenches" 
The year 2014 was the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War I.
The social enterprise ‘Mentores’ intents to contribute to that commemoration. 
The project objective is to illuminate the global conflict that gave a completely new shape to the geographical, ideological and cultural map of Europe, let alone the numerous casualties in all its member states.
Each partner will create a Local Working Group (LWG) of 25 persons each. The persons can be youth or older citizens, according to the requirements, the needs and the preferences of the local society. They can be students, workers, unemployed or pensioners.
Each LWG will be called to produce some physical artistic and/or educational materials (e.g. a PowerPoint presentation, a photo album drawings, collages, a digital story telling media file, a collection of testimonials, etc.), all focused on the theme of World War I, one complete article (in English), addressing the general terms that encouraged the rise of fascism then and whether or not similar terms are observed in the EU today, and one essay (in English) on the consequences of World War I in each partner’s member state.
The products and results that will be produced during a given period (February-October 2015) will be presented in a partners’ meeting in the town of Elassona, Thessaly, Greece, in November 2015. Two representatives per LWG will participate. One open to the public event will take place at the municipal theatre of Elassona during this meeting, where the works of the LWGs will be exhibited. Finally, one theatrical play with the participation of all the guests will mark the event’s end.


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