Intercultural Dialogue - Re-Started


Seminar “Intercultural Dialogue - RE-STARTED”

22-30 October 2016, Lebanon, Beirut

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The project is about intercultural dialogue and promoting diversity in Europe (Estonia, Latvia, Italy, Greece, Bulgaria) and Southern Mediterranean countries (Lebanon, Jordan, Tunisia, Morocco). 

It is coordinated by Nooruse Maja (Estonia) and hosted by Amel Association International (Lebanon). 
The project is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.
The training takes place in a vibrant part of Beirut – historic Gemmayze district – in hostel Saifi Urban Gardens.
1. Background and Aim
Due to increased migration, displacement and refuge in the last few years,  Europe and Mediterranean countries have been undergoing significant changes. We can observe growing tensions in the society, social collisions with people from different cultural backgrounds and hatred towards the “others”. It is being expressed both directly – by supporting violent ideologies and getting involved in physical violence – as well as indirectly – through, for example, negligent actions, hurtful words and online hate-speech. Many forms of hate and oppression are too subtle to notice at the first sight, nevertheless, they continue to divide our societies. 
Unfortunately, young people are the center of what is happening as they are more easily getting radicalized and can also become victims of exclusion and violence, so, we, the youth work practitioners SHOULD not stay passive, but take action and contribute to improving the situation for more peaceful societies. 
The main AIM of this seminar is to gather 24 youth workers from 5 European and 4 Southern Mediterranean countries in order to find effective tools of the youth work for intercultural dialogue and respecting diversity at the local level that would be countering the spreading of hate and violent ideologies among youth. 
2. Seminar Content:
 Sharing realities from our countries when it comes to dealing with growing hate and living together in diversity
Exploring the phenomenon of radicalization, violent ideologies and hate from theoretical point of view
Discussing the role and potential of youth work to counter them with promoting positive values
Sharing good practices for promoting diversity
Discovering local realities by implementing activities with groups of young women and refugees in Lebanon
Planning and implementing concrete follow-up activities at local level with young people that counter hate and violent ideologies 

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