My name is Pierre-Marie, a French guy who decided to spend a few months in Estonia. After travelling a bit around the world, I wanted to experience something new and see something different. I read about the EVS program in an article in my city magazine and then I contacted the international relations department of my town. They guided me for this special project by giving advice on how to re-write my resume, where to look for a host organisation, how to make the best choice to get the most of my volunteering experience.

Finally, I was chosen by Nooruse Maja to participate in their activities. I applied for this organisation because they offered a wide variety of activities to do and they wanted to share a different point of view from someone who has travelled like me. I did not choose the country first, I prefer to concentrate on what I will do and then only think about the country or region I will have to stay in.

As nothing always goes as planned, I could not participate to the French classes given in my host organisation. Though, I was able to help my tutor in writing some European projects, spell check our Linedance website. I also participated in some languages classes to support the French teachers in Pärnu. As some people told me I am in a relationship with food, a few times I cooked for my organisation and I gave a cooking class about French habits for barbecue to some participants of one of our summer courses.

Beside people from my organisation, I was able to meet lots of volunteers from around Europe, and even far far away like from Canada or Honduras. There is around 50 to 60 EVs in whole Estonia and everybody was ready to help anyone interested to travel, whether by hosting them or being a travel buddy.

I really encourage young people from 18 to 30 to apply for one European Volunteer Service. They will have the chance to feel the European spirit, confirm what they want to do with their life like for me or experience a life changing moment.

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