Bigger. Better. Women Entrepreneurship
16th – 24th August, 2022
Pärnu, Estonia


Funded by the Erasmus + Program of the European Union and Education and Youth Board, Estonian National Agency. The infopack is a legal document so everything written in it must be respected.

“Bigger. Better. Women Entrepreneurship” (BBWE) is a mobility of youth workers, KA1 Training Course, under Erasmus+ and will be implemented by Rääma Noorte Ühing Noorus MTÜ (RNUN). The training course was take place in Pärnu, Estonia and was involve 28 youth workers (23+), from 7 different countries (Slovakia, Bulgaria, Spain, Italy, Romania, Belgium and Estonia).


After training course participants had some dissemination events in every partners country


Dissemination of the traineeship on Women in Entrepreneurship

By Margot Bouchez and Matilina Huart for the Belgian team

On September 3rd 2022, we (Matilina Huart and Margot Bouchez) organized an online meeting in front of the board and members of the Erasmus Students Network Luxembourg (11 people in total ) to present what we did during our traineeship about Women in Entrepreneurship. 

During this presentation, we explained via a PowerPoint presentation the different activities done during the traineeship. We both commented and explained the purpose of this traineeship and explained precisely the program of each day. We also shared some of the notions that we got to learn on entrepreneurship, we introduced the topic of one of the debates alongside some of the main arguments that were told during the traineeship and finally, we showed some pictures taken during our time in Estonia. The presentation lasted 20 minutes and both ourselves and the people present seemed satisfied with it. The meeting ended with us answering some questions regarding Erasmus+ projects, as the people present seemed interested in the topic. 

LINK to PP presentation


On 6th of September in Bansko was held a dissemination event under project  Bigger. Better. Women Entrepreneurship that took place in Parnu, Estonia. On the meeting there were 40 participants who had the opportunity to discover more about the topic of women entrepreneurship. The presentation was followed by discussion on women rights, entrepreneurship as a tool to boost women rights etc. 


Georgi Kuzmanov had a meeting with Children’s parliament members in the Municipality of Blagoevgrad. We discussed the project I took part of TC. Bigger. Better. Women Entrepreneurship. and Erasmus + program.


Estonian participants decided to create a Powerpoint presentation from the training course and present it in different groups. To date, a meeting between one participant Terje Võrk and two teachers has taken place. Second presentation take part in Nooruse Maja, where Uudo Laane spoke about TC results to Pärnu Kolledz third course students.



Photos from dissemination event in Italy



On 4th September 2022 I organized small workshop with 13 young women who want to become entrepreneurs. I organized it in my local community - in Nitra (the city I live in). I organized whole dissemination activity via instagram. We all met. I did some energizer with them. I asked many questions about entrepreneurship. I told them about incubator, accelerator and business angel and everything I have learnt in Estonia. I answered to all the questions they had about this project. I also promoted Erasmus + projects and informated them about it. 



Photos from dissemination event in Spain



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