Gender – Awareness to be Aware


Training course for youth leaders on gender issues and sexuality

“Gender – Awareness to be Aware”
Estonia, 5 - 13 March 2017 

24 participants from Estonia, Latvia, Hungary, Italy, Turkey, Belgium. Greece, France, Czech Republic, Portugal, Nederland and Poland. 2 participants from each country 

General idea:
Although equality between all human beings should be an obvious thing in the 21-st century, this is unfortunately not yet the reality and many forms of discrimination based on gender identity and sexual-orientation still exist.
We are organizing this training course in order to develop the competencies of active young people (youth leaders) to act as promoters of greater gender equality at their communities by using non-formal learning approach. With this project we would like the young people to become more gender-aware and sensitive to be able to detect situations and contexts where gender-based discrimination and violence occur and to take action to promote gender equality both locally, nationally as well as in international contexts. 
Contents of this non-formal training:
· Developing awareness and understanding about various concepts related to gender and sexuality
· Understanding the mechanisms of gender-based discrimination and violence and how it affects individuals and society (especially – young people)
·  Sharing realities when it comes to gender issues in represented countries and regions
·  Discussing the “power” of youth work and NFL to promote gender equality at various contexts
·  Sharing and creation of NFL tools to fight against gender-based discrimination and violence
· Develop skills of youth leaders to facilitate NFL activities that eliminate gender-based discrimination and violence and promote greater equality
· Empowering participants to become active promoters of gender equality (“gender equality creators”) and creating ideas for follow-up activities to promote it at local (national or international) level
The course is designed for active young people that would like to share their knowledge with the others through peer-to-peer approach, youth leaders, educators and youth workers, who work represent some institution or organization and work with youth, who are willing later on to act as multipliers by sharing their knowledge and implementing activities that promote gender equality. As the training course will be carried out in English, participants must have a good command of English.

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