Youth Work going Digital

The project Youth Work going Digital was a training course involving youth workers, coordinators, digital specialists/coordinators from non profits coming from Bulgaria, UK, Italy, Denmark, Slovakia, Belgium, Romania, Estonia and Greece.

The overall aim of the project was to provide youth workers and NGOs with the adequate and up to date measures-knowledge, skills, competences and experience in digital youth work in order to engage more effectively young people, even those who are marginalized.

Project objectives:

-to provide deeper understanding of the concept of digital youth work, digital education, online activism

-to provide practical tools and increase the digital skills and knowledge for better volunteer management, online activism and online communication

-to strengthen the potential and capacity of the NGOs to better correspond to the nowadays needs of the young people by integrating technology and digital tools into everyday youth work. The project directly correspond to the priorities of the Erasmus+ program.


A digital booklet has been developed as an outcome of the project where you can find some information, resources, tools about digital youth work, gamification in youth work, digital tools and resources for digital content, campaigning, social media usage, etc.

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