Tere !

I’m Gaétan, from France, and after three years of studying political sciences I decided to take a break in my studies in order to volunteer in Nooruse Maja. At first I had no idea what I was about to do or where I was coming to, then, I arrived in Nooruse Maja, Pärnu, Estonia. I’m an EVS volunteer, which means we submitted a project to European Union so that Nooruse Maja could host me during seven month, from January 2011 to August 2011.
What was my work in Nooruse Maja? Actually, I was helping the team in many stuff : creating posters, organizing events, helping in the French classes, etc. What I liked about my work here was meeting people, learning Estonian language and having the opportunity to say “yes” to whatever I was offered to do. I was in Estonia to learn, to enrich myself and to help when I can with what I can offer to Nooruse Maja. I wish to thank Nooruse Maja for hosting me and offering me the possibility to learn so much!
By the way, I also decided to go every Wednesday to Pärnu Päevakeskus, in order to learn a bit of French to mentally disabled people from Pärnu psychiatric hospital. I wish to thank the people there also for the warm welcome they gave me.
Now I’m back in France and I must say “Ma igatsen Eestimaa, ma igatsen Pärnu”, I wish to come back if I have the possibility. Also, I’d like to say to everyone who can : Join In! EVS is a unique opportunity Europe is giving us, we should take it, I have met many EVS and former EVS, all of them agree, volunteering abroad is enriching and can become the time of your life, if you dare to take a chance.


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