Dissemination of the traineeship on Women in Entrepreneurship

By Margot Bouchez and Matilina Huart for the Belgian team

On September 3rd 2022, we (Matilina Huart and Margot Bouchez) organized an online meeting in front of the board and members of the Erasmus Students Network Luxembourg (11 people in total ) to present what we did during our traineeship about Women in Entrepreneurship. 

During this presentation, we explained via a PowerPoint presentation the different activities done during the traineeship. We both commented and explained the purpose of this traineeship and explained precisely the program of each day. We also shared some of the notions that we got to learn on entrepreneurship, we introduced the topic of one of the debates alongside some of the main arguments that were told during the traineeship and finally, we showed some pictures taken during our time in Estonia. The presentation lasted 20 minutes and both ourselves and the people present seemed satisfied with it. The meeting ended with us answering some questions regarding Erasmus+ projects, as the people present seemed interested in the topic. 

LINK to PP presentation







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